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Processing of our grapes is mainly divided into white and red.
Bunches of white grapes enter the winery pass in the cochlea and then in the stemmer.
then, through a pump, the juice of white grapes goes into the heat exchanger whose purpose is to lower the temperature not to disperse the aromas.
Finally we come to the press.

For red wines, however, the juice passes into the stemmer winemakers. Here, the juice is fermented with the skins of which is extracted their color.
Then, finished their fermentation, the wine is reduced to zero sugar degrees and we separate the skins from the wine obtained.

Each variety is put in special stainless steel tanks.
The so produced wines are all young: Passerina DOC, Pecorino DOC and a Red Marche IGP. More important is the red made ??from a selection of the best red wines, at the end of the process it will mature in barrels.
Our cellar consists of 24 barriques and 5 French oak barrels.

Our most important product will be released after a long period of aging in the barrel.

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